Uses of the Hotel Footprinting Tool Dataset


Greenview updates the Hotel Footprinting Tool each year using actual industry data from the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, with the latest dataset containing more than 27,000 hotels worldwide. Calculate the Scope 3 Business Travel emissions of hotel stays easily, accurately, and at no cost. Here are sample use cases of where and how the data is being used.

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Calculation Tools and Emission Factors References

The New Zealand Government uses the emission factors by country in their Guide on Measuring Emissions for Organisations to calculate Scope 3 emissions from accommodations.

The UK Government uses the emission factors by country in their GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting Guidance to calculate Scope 3 emissions from hotel stays.

The WRI/Quantis Scope 3 Evaluator, a calculation tool for estimating GHG emissions based on the GHG Protocol had previously used CHSB data for default calculation of hotels stays for the Scope 3 business travel component.

Companies Using the Data

Companies are using the dataset to quantify and provide Scope 3 emissions of hotel stays to their clients as well as using it as the basis to offset the emissions associated with travel.

Organizations and Other Initiatives Using the Data

The dataset can also be used for several other applications.

The Destination Water Risk Index incorporated the dataset by market as the basis for weighing the risk based on water intensity by market to provide context for hotel practitioners to understand how water risk relates to their business by overlaying water risk, water usage intensity, and hotel supply.

Euromonitor Sustainable Travel Index incorporates the carbon, energy, and water intensity benchmarks of the CHSB and Hotel Footprinting tool for each country into its indicators and overall weighing to provide rankings enabling countries and stakeholders to gauge their performance across key sustainability pillars.

The ULI Greenprint Performance Report integrates a special data feed from CHSB to align with its key indicators and ranges, serving as the source data for the hotel asset class portion of the report.

The Hotel Global Decarbonisation Report incorporated the data by country as the basis for estimating the levels of carbon emissions intensity reduction by 2030 and 2050 to align with the Paris Agreement and 2-degree scenario.

Hilton and Greenview used the CHSB dataset to publish Calculate the Hotel Industry’s Impact research study through the Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research, quantifying the global footprint of energy, water, and carbon emissions and the level of collective impact potential for implementing best practices.